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Community Impact

People’s need for decent housing is fundamental – without it, they cannot thrive and grow. But access to housing alone is not enough, especially for housing providers like POAH who understand our work as only one front in the broader fight against poverty and inequality in this country.

That’s why POAH invests in Community Impact.

POAH’s Community Impact initiatives build on a platform of stable housing to create opportunity for residents who choose to live in a POAH community.

POAH’s vision for thriving communities:

  • Residents are stably housed.
  • Residents can access new opportunities to enrich their lives.
  • Residents can achieve financial independence.
  • Community engagement, rooted in principles of trauma resiliency, guides our work at every stage.



Community Impact Coordination

Our place-based approach to providing stable housing and connecting residents to opportunity. Learn more here.


Family Self-Sufficiency Program

POAH’s flagship wealth-building program, enabling residents to build assets as a pathway to greater economic opportunity. Learn more here.


POAH's Resource Centers

Our innovative, neighborhood-based model for building strong, engaged, financially healthy communities. Learn about the Woodlawn Resource Center in Chicago here.


Resilient Communities

In 2020, POAH launched the Designing Trauma Resilient Communities Project to reimagine affordable housing property management, resident services and physical design through the lens of community resilience. Learn more about the project here.

This project is supported by the Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge.


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