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Welcome to POAH

POAH is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to preserve, create and sustain affordable, healthy homes that support economic security, racial equity and access to opportunity for all.

Boston, MA

POAH and Caste Capital named to redevelop Boston's West End public library. read more


6 POAH properties awarded Family Self Sufficiency funding by HUD read more

Chicago, IL

Learn about a Semicolon, a Black-owned bookstore moving into our Fifth City Commons development here

Our Latest Thoughts

Community Revitalization Is Hard to Get Right. Here’s How It Can Succeed

January 4, 2024
by William Towns, POAH Board Member and Adjunct Professor in the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University  Whether it goes by “urban renewal,” “neighborhood transformation,” or “community reinvestment,” the effort to make American cities prosperous and equitable is among the central challenges of the post-pandemic recovery. The goals of these initiatives are usually clear enough:... read more

Case Study 2023: Energy Renovations at Salem Heights

December 11, 2023
Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF) has published a case study about POAH's energy renovations at Salem Heights Apartments in Salem, MA with lessons learned and advice to other developers. Here is an excerpt:

Bridging the Divide: Challenges and Rewards of Empowering Residents with Affordable High-Speed Internet

December 4, 2023
by Greg Katz, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel and Brad Blake, Vice President, Information Technology    From our founding in 2001, Preservation of Affordable Housing, Inc. (POAH) has thought of its mission as “housing plus,” with quality affordable housing as the foundation, and resident empowerment, community building, and environmental initiatives built on top. But we never imagined... read more