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Design and Building Performance

POAH is known as a leader in multifamily housing sustainability and efficiency. The Design + Building Performance Department holistically integrates energy and water efficiency into development projects and the owned portfolio, working closely with property management staff to maintain each building’s green upgrades and monitor the effectiveness of our conservation initiatives.

POAH committed to both The Big Reach and Better Buildings Challenge, national programs with a target of reducing portfolio wide energy and water consumption by 20% by 2020. We're happy to announce that we have either met or exceeded this 20% goal for both programs, through a combination of retrofitting, utilizing renewable energy, and new construction.  




Design reviews during every phase ensure renovations and new construction will provide durable, healthy, high quality housing.



Participate in due diligence for code compliance, HVAC systems, utility data, building envelope, hazardous materials, and soil contamination.


The Environment

At POAH, we recognize that managing the environmental footprint is a critical piece of the preservation mission.



POAH is committed to improving resident health. Enhancing indoor air quality and removing volatile organic compounds is crucial.


Financial Savings

Reducing energy consumption saves money for both POAH and the residents in our communities.


Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is key to reducing carbon emissions and utility costs across the portfolio.


Data Analysis

Continuous monitoring of utility consumption informs our conservation investments.


Design Standards

In-house design standards ensure the buildings we construct and renovate will be durable, long lasting, and serve the needs of our residents.



Download the Design + Building Performance one-pager.