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Community Impact Coordination

Community Impact Coordination

POAH’s Community Impact approach provides data-informed resident services coordination that is integrated with on-site property management and maintenance teams.

Community Impact Coordinators work with residents to provide resources in key outcome areas:




                    Financial Stability


              Community Engagement


All POAH properties that offer Community Impact Coordination provide the following core services to residents:

  • Support stable tenancy through rent assistance, budgeting and collaboration with property management.
  • Help residents maintain a safe, clean and healthy home through 1-1 housekeeping support.
  • Promote access to fresh and healthy foods through on-site food distribution programs.
  • Support civic engagement by helping residents get registered to vote and mobilizing on election day.
  • Host community building events to encourage residents to build relationships with one another and the on-site management team.
  • Senior Sites: Provide on-site nursing services through local community partners and/or health workshops to support health management and overall wellbeing.
  • Family Sites: Create or connect youth to out of school programming such as afterschool programs, field trips and summer camp.

Resident Stories


Michelle Henry                                               John Horace


Cheryl Morrison-Brewton                                 Frances Chapin