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POAH’s Acquisitions team works with property owners, residents, public agencies, and other stakeholders to structure successful preservation transactions.  We have built a track record across more than 120 properties and 12,000 apartments by delivering value across multiple priorities:

  • Preserve long-term affordability by ensuring properties will stay affordable for current residents and those who will follow
  • Deliver value and certainty for sellers by structuring preservation transactions that are economically competitive with other alternatives – and bringing the track record and financial capacity to execute quickly
  • Use public resources efficiently, by leveraging historic investments in at-risk properties and structuring transactions that make the most of every public dollar

More information on POAH’s Acquisitions strategy is on our For Sellers page. If you have a property or opportunity you’d like to discuss with us, please contact the Acquisitions Department or call us at (617) 449-1013.

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