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Community Impact

At POAH, we believe that access to affordable and healthy housing is critical, but it’s only one part of the answer. To truly take on the challenges of poverty and barriers to opportunity, we must understand, support and engage our communities in finding solutions.

POAH Communities’ Community Impact Program is a portfolio-wide approach that mobilizes every site team towards shared goals with residents and community partners in these 6 areas:


For example, POAH Communities collaborates with community partners to remove barriers to stability including lack of affordable childcare, and to transportation, healthy foods and public benefits. We work with local, regional and national partners to provide financial coaching and employment development that support income and asset growth.

When given access and opportunity, residents who live in our communities show us again and again the power of this investment. We believe our communities can be more than just a home!

 The staff took a personal interest in me and helped me get the skills and training I needed to prepare me to do something I really love. 

 - Joshua Conner, Woodlawn Resource Center


Read our Community Impact Brochure