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Asset Management

POAH’s Asset Management team oversees POAH’s long-term ownership interests in its real estate portfolio. The team maintains healthy housing communities and executes on financial, physical and policy opportunities for stewarding the portfolio. The focus of the team is the development and implementation of strategies to enhance the financial and operating performance of the portfolio.

The Asset Management team’s work is focused in three areas:

  • Transactional Asset Management: mortgage refinancing, mortgage restructurings, property workouts, investor limited partner interest acquisitions, subsidy contract renewals, transfers and conversions, and capital account management
  •  Portfolio Performance & Analytics: reporting of portfolio performance and trends, use of high level portfolio analytics and systems, and completing property and portfolio-level analyses
  • Traditional Asset Management: financial performance monitoring, watch list development and monitoring, site visits and evaluations, relationship management with POAH colleagues and external partners, real estate tax management, capital planning, and operating budget reviews

The Asset Management team works closely with POAH’s largest asset, POAH Communities, the subsidiary property management company, but also interacts regularly with all other divisions within POAH, particularly finance, development, legal, and policy. For more info about POAH, see our 5 minute video