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Deanna Savage

Vice President, Construction

As POAH’s Vice President, Construction, Deanna Savage oversees construction phasing, scheduling, contractor management, and infrastructure planning.

Previously, she served as POAH's senior construction project manager, where she worked with development project managers, partners, project accountants, design & technical staff, and other internal team members to manage development projects from inception through completion.  

Deanna provides pre‐acquisition/pre‐development advisory and due diligence services on construction related items such as budgeting, scheduling site logistics, and risk assessment, and helps ensure conformance to POAH’s standards and the timely completion of projects. She works closely with POAH’s development project managers and serves as a primary point of contact for contractors and third-party consultants.

Prior to joining POAH, Deanna worked in multifamily construction/rehab for more than 20 years with CWC Builders. While there, she oversaw the successful renovation of POAH’s Blackstone Apartments in Boston.