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Armartine Cook

Senior find job in the neighborhood

Armartine Cook has been a resident of The Burnham at Woodlawn Park, POAH’s senior building on South Cottage Grove Avenue on the South Side of Chicago since July of 2018.  In the winter of 2019, Armatine was looking for a part-time job and worked with the career navigator at the Woodlawn Resource Center Career to identify opportunities.

This led to her attending a community hiring event for the grand opening of the Jewel Osco supermarket in Woodlawn just a block away and soon, Amartine was hired to work in the bakery.

The job is exactly what Armartine was looking for - opportunity to work close to home and earn extra income for herself. As a senior, this job opportunity was a good match for her and the fact that she is enrolled in the Catholic Charities Commodities monthly food program run by the Woodlawn Resource Center in partnership with the City of Chicago, has allowed her to keep working part-time, knowing she is supported in meeting her daily needs.