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Losantiville Buildings

Cincinnati, OH
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Deal Type: 
Preservation Acquisition
Acquisition Date: 
Number of Units: 

Losantiville Buildings comprises nine addresses and 69 affordable apartments. 

They are among the 18 properties in the Cincinnati area acquired by POAH from The Model Group in May 2018.  This acquisition preserved 1,100 rental apartments at a time when the neighborhood was seeing significant investments in infrastructure, new public transportation options, and an expansion of the district’s art and dining scene. This ensured the units would remain affordable long-term and allow residents of all income levels to participate in the economic renaissance of the neighborhood. POAH Communities will also implement a Community Impact program across the portfolio to help residents succeed, with outcome-driven resident services that foster financial stability, health and education.

Losantiville Buildings addresses:

845 York Street
208 Magnolia Street
534 E. 12th Street
823-825 Dayton Street
837, 843, 1008 York Street
1825 Baymiller Street
1901 Freeman Ave
3257 Gilbert Ave


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Project Partners

  • Ohio Housing Finance Agency
  • City of Cincinnati
  • The Model Group