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Cocheco Park Apartments

40 Chestnut Street
Dover, NH 03820
  • Cocheco Park sign
  • Cocheco Park outdoor common area
  • Cocheco Park outdoor seating area
  • Cocheco Park bench and grounds
  • Cocheco Park interior common area
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Cocheco Park Apartments are set beautifully along the Cocheco River, which is a central feature of downtown Dover. The 78 apartments represent two-thirds of the city's subsidized affordable stock, and preserving them as homes for low-income seniors was a concern for city leaders as well as the state housing finance agency.

In 2008, the POAH team worked with the New Hampshire Housing Finance Agency to craft a purchase plan which ensured that the current Cocheco Park residents could remain in their homes. All units have Section 8 subsidy and there are several commercial tenants on the property as well.

Since purchasing the property, POAH has made upgrades to the electrical and life safety systems as well as other cosmetic improvements to units and common areas. Cocheco Park features energy efficient lighting, both interior and exterior, and water saving fixtures throughout.

Project Partners

  • New Hampshire Housing Finance Agency
  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  • PNC Multifamily Capital
  • Burnell Johnson Architects
  • Horne Construction Company