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Maplewood Manor Apartments

1802 South Oronogo Street
Webb City, MO 64870
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  • Maplewood Manor living room
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At the time of acquisition, Maplewood Manor was one of only four privately-owned apartment complexes in Webb City offering rent subsidies to low-income households. Webb City is a growing municipality of 11,000, benefiting from its proximity to Interstate 71 and 44 and good quality schools. Nevertheless, residents of Webb City face financial challenges as many households are rent burdened, spending more than 30% of their income on rent or homeownership.  

POAH purchased Maplewood Manor as part of its initial Missouri portfolio in 2001. The development, which was constructed in 1980, includes 10 garden-style residential buildings and a community center on a ten acre campus. Financing for POAH's purchase came from the Missouri Housing Development Commission, a preservation-minded partner.


Project Partners

  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  • Missouri Housing Development Commission (MHDC)
  • Fairway Construction Co
  • Wallace Architects, LLC