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Glenwood Manor

2540 North Delaware
Springfield, MO
  • Glenwood Manor grounds
  • Glenwood Manor exterior
  • Glenwood Manor townhouse exterior
  • Glenwood Manor exterior
  • Glenwood Manor entrance and porch
  • Glenwood Manor unit kitchen
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Glenwood Manor is one of two Springfield properties which POAH acquired in its 2001 Missouri portfolio purchase. Springfield, located in the southwest corner of the state, about three hours south of Kansas City, is one of 10 cities represented in the fourteen property portfolio which POAH bought to preserve their affordability. The 8-acre Glenwood Manor site is well situated near a major city road and shopping area, but sits unobtrusively in a residential neighborhood.

POAH collaborated with the Missouri Housing Development Commission on the portfolio purchase which included Glenwood Manor. MHDC provided funds via its Affordable Housing Assistance Tax Credit, tax-exempt bond financing, State of Missouri and federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits. Rents are set to be affordable to families earning less than half of the area's median income. 

The 24 brick-and-wood buildings, built in 1980, received significant repairs and updates after POAH's acquisition. This work included new siding, gutters, lighting and site improvements including a children's play area. Additionally, residents have access to programs onsite including health screening, book mobile, and other services.

Project Partners

  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  • Missouri Housing Development Commission (MHDC)
  • PNC
  • Wallace Architects, LLC

Awards and Accolades

As a result of POAH’s purchase and preservation of Glenwood Manor and thirteen other affordable housing developments in the state, POAH received the non-profit sector 2002 Missouri Governor's Award for Excellence in Affordable Housing.