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Fixes to signature Uphams Corner building set for fall finish

May 5, 2022

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The rounded, iconic brick façade of the Pierce Building says “Uphams Corner” like no other structure, but the 19th Century gem also has been screaming to be restored to its glory days for decades. That restoration is now rounding the homestretch toward an October finish, and its owners couldn’t be happier.

The Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation (EDC) has a lot of “irons in the fire,” as they often say in the development world, but no current project on their agenda has more historic and personal value than the ongoing rehabbing of the Pierce Building.

“When you’re coming down Columbia Road or Stoughton Street, this building is what you see when you come into Uphams Corner,” said Beth O’Donnell, director of real estate for Dorchester Bay. “It is very much what many people think of when they think of Uphams Corner.”

“We’re really seeing it as a milestone in the organization and the community,” she continued. “That’s how we put it into context…We need for it to have a much bigger impact than just building out our offices. We believe it is going to be transformative for Uphams Corner.”

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