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Case Study 2023: Energy Renovations at Salem Heights

December 11, 2023

Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF) has published a case study about POAH's energy renovations at Salem Heights Apartments in Salem, MA with lessons learned and advice to other developers. Here is an excerpt:

"POAH 's pursuit of energy efficiency and electrification is visible through their commitment to green building certification and their Basis of Design (BOD) resource, both of which are required across their portfolio....[at Salem Heights} POAH installed a new enclosure that utilized high-performing windows, a structural insulated panel (R-21), and a metal cladding rain screen to significantly improve thermal comfort within the apartments, improve overall building air tightness, and resolve long-running water leak issues. This provided the building with a new, improved external appearance and an opportunity to install a vertical solar array. Hanging solar panels on the walls provided an opportunity to tap into renewables on-site where roof space is limited."

We didn’t expect a deep energy retrofit, but we turned the challenge into an opportunity. The comprehensive building enclosure upgrade allowed us to address long-standing maintenance and comfort issues. The insights from this process have set the stage for future projects.

-Julie Klump, POAH Vice President, Design and Building Performance


Read the case study here