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Xue Rosenberg

Energy Management Associate
Xue Rosenberg

Xue Rosenberg is part of POAH’s Design and Building Performance team that will support POAH’s energy projects, sustainability initiatives, utility data collection, and conservation measures across the portfolio.

Her focus will be portfolio energy and water usage data to help identify opportunities for savings. Xue will manage utility data in the various platforms that track POAH's carbon footprint, utility usage, fuel sources, and energy consumption to identify anomalies in monthly use and to monitor performance against Big Reach and Better Buildings Challenge goals. This data will inform the implementation of portfolio-wide energy efficiency upgrades, conservation strategies and installation of renewable energy source options.

Previously, Xue was a consultant for Natural Solar Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia where she worked contracting solar PV and storage systems.

She holds a Master of Architectural Science degree from the University of Sydney in Australia focused on Sustainable Design Principles and Practices, Indoor Environmental Quality, Renewable Energy, Urban Ecology, and Design and Planning and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont.