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Elgin, IL

1350 Fleetwood Drive and 260 Center Street
Elgin, IL
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The Elgin Properties consist of 127 affordable rental apartments housing low-income seniors and families in City of Elgin, 35 miles northwest of the city.  The development consists of Burnham Manor at 1350 Fleetwood Drive (100 units) and the Burnham Wing Schoolhouse Apartments at 260 Center Street (27 units).

All the apartments are covered by a Section 8 Housing Assistance Program (HAP) contract that preserves affordability. The 2019 acquisition expanded POAH’s footprint in and around Chicago to nearly 1,700 apartments that the nonprofit had developed or purchased in the state since 2008.

The apartment buildings have on-site parking, landscaped grounds, community rooms, laundry rooms, and tenant storage.

POAH plans in the coming years to secure financing to complete capital improvements that will extend the life of these buildings and enhance residents’ comfort and experience including modest renovations such as improvements of common areas, unit heating and cooling, code and accessibility updates, elevators and other major mechanical systems, flooring and efficient plumbing and lighting, roofing.

To learn more about POAH's work in Chicago, view the brochure, visit the website, or watch the video