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Building Green

At POAH we recognize managing the environmental footprint of our properties as a critical piece of our preservation mission.  POAH’s Design and Building Performance Department holistically integrates energy and water efficiency into development projects and the owned portfolio. Our green initiatives weave throughout POAH activities and impact development, operations, and property management practices.

POAH’s data-driven approach requires the continuous monitoring of utility consumption across our portfolio, which informs where conservation investments can be most effective. Diverse funding sources—utility incentives, state and federal grant programs, and low-interest loan opportunities support our efforts.

POAH’s current energy initiatives include successful investments in solar power generation, building enclosure improvements, water fixture and lighting retrofits, equipment upgrades and comprehensive green retrofits that include all of these components. We work closely with property management staff to maintain each building’s green upgrades and monitor the effectiveness of our conservation initiatives.

In-house design standards ensure the buildings we build and renovate will be durable, long lasting, and serve the needs of our residents. Our portfolio includes Energy Star and LEED Platinum Certified buildings.

POAH is committed to improving resident health across the portfolio by enhancing indoor air quality and avoiding toxic building materials. Reducing energy consumption saves money for both POAH and the residents in our communities.  

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